Movements in Solidarity

Who Works with Oikotree?

Founding Movements

Council for World Mission

World Council of Churches

World Communion of Reformed Churches

Global Movements in Solidarity

·         Alternative Tourism Group, Palestine

·         Asian Christian Life Giving Agricultural Forum, S. Korea

·         Centre for Promoting Peace and Inclusion, India

·         Columbia Justice for Life, Columbia

·         Eco Life Centre, Tanzania

·         Ecumenical Academy Prague, Czech Republic

·         Ecumenical Council for Draught Action and Water Management, India

·         Ecumenical Service for Socioeconomic Transformation (ESSET), South Africa

·         Gyeongan Theological Graduate University (GTGU), Andong, S. Korea.

·         Institute Alternative Policies for the SouthernCone of Latin America(PACS), Brazil

·         Kairos Europa, Germany

·         Martin Luther King Centre, Cuba

·         Network of Liberation Theology, Germany

·         North American Covenanting for Justice Group

·         Peace for Life

·         The Caiua Mission in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

·         The Integrated Rural Development of Weaker Sections in India (WIDA), India

·         United Evangelical Mission(UEM), Germany.

·         Urban Community Mission Jakarta, Indonesia

·         Tanzania Gender Networking Programme(TGNP), Tanzania

Country Based Oikotree Networks

Oikotree – India

Oikotree – Indonesia

Oikos Theological Movement, Korea

Oikotree Pacific (Pacific Oikotree Strategy Working Committee (POSWC)

Oikotree – Zambia