Life Giving Agriculture

“We affirm that Life-Giving Agriculture (LGA) is a way of life which promotes sustainablelivelihoods for people, justice for the Earth and all of God’s creation. The land, forests andwaters are gifts of God to all who dwell on Earth. LGA is a living philosophy based on theologyof life. It is a life enhancing engagement grounded in faith in God the provider for all and isnurtured by a culture of sharing, caring and loving. LGA is diverse yet holistic, participatory,inclusive, non-exploitative and is committed to gender equity, respect, dignity and justice. LGAunderstands that land and water are common goods shared, nurtured and utilized sustainablyfor the sake of all of God’s creation today and for ages to come. It revitalizes local andindigenous knowledge I organic and conservation farming, preserves local seeds, regains lostseeds, cares for the soils and promotes bio-diversity and food sovereignty.”Excerpted from Report of Life-Giving Agriculture Global Forum9-13 April 2005, Wonju, Korea

Areas work will focus on:

  • Working on mechanisms necessary to live out in action the spirit, intentions, longingsand commitments expressed in the Report of the Life Giving Agriculture Global Forumheld in Wonju, Korea, April 9 – 13 2005. 1 and much more recently the Report onFinancialization of Food to Life – Giving Agriculture, Workshop held in Maputo,Mozambique December 7 to 11 2016.
  • Working closely with the Transformative Theology Working Group, in upholdingtheologies and spiritualties of life giving agriculture, especially those which affirm thesacredness of land, value indigenous knowledge, manifest a sense of belonging to Earthcommunity, lift the interdependence of the web of life, challenge dominant theologies ofsubjugation and dominion of God’s creation and reject the patriarchal domination ofwomen and nurture.
  • Engaging in a critique of the dominant and capitalist development models which promotecorporate big agriculture business that are capital intensive, export oriented, mono-cultural, profit based; models which compel the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers andother products which poison land and water sources, loss of indigenous seeds, loss ofbiodiversity and land grabs locally and globally.
  • Working closely with Transformative Education Working Group through the regional Life- Enhancing Learning Together forums to share and learn LGA values, strengths,principles and practices to ensure LGA sustainability and continuity through thetransformation of mind sets and attitudes of peoples – young and old generations.
  • Working closely with Joint Struggle Working Group by actively engaging in advocacy,lobbying and networking and alliancebuilding locally and globally; and in lifting up andsharing stories of those engaged in life giving agriculture practices and especially thosethat challenge and resist life threatening agriculture.


  • Group members will be recruited by posting the terms of reference on the website andasking people to sign up for the group
  • Members should have IT knowledge and be regular Internet users

Way of working:

  • Quarterly online meetings
  • Work to be conducted electronically (online, email, Skype, etc.) 
  • Sub working groups to be formed on Website and E-newsletter
  • Reporting to Facilitation Group via Facilitator/Convener who will be co-opted as amember of the Facilitation Group

Rev. Dr. Bula Omega, Convener/ Email:<>