Research and Analysis


  • To be a resource group that identifies current information on alternatives to the new liberal economy
  • To identify issues that require reflection and analysis by the Oikotree movement/network
  • Highlight current research findings on climate justice, ecology, economic justice, economy and theology.
  • Propose emerging issues on justice and peace that require new research and analysis

Areas work:

The working group will:

  • Conduct a literature survey through the web and other sources about alternatives to the neo liberal economic and social paradigm
  • Disseminate the findings to the movements of the Oikotree and invite their contributions
  • Create a web-forum for analysis for new issues that may arise from the Oikotree movements
  • encourage Oikotree movements to make their research available to the Oikotree
  • Propose research reports that could be published by the Oikotree
  • In conjunction with the communication working group publish summaries of findings in an e-news letter.


  • Group members will be recruited by posting the terms of reference on the website and asking people to sign up for the group
  • Members should be
  • Interdisciplinary and versed with issues of economy, ecology and theology
  • Those who are already involved in research and analysis

Way of working:

  • Quarterly online meetings to share information
  • Work to be conducted electronically (online, email, Skype, etc.) 
  • Participatory research is preferable
  • A list serve could be developed that will involve the group members
  • Reporting to Facilitation Group via Facilitator/Convenor who will be co-opted as a member of the Facilitation Group
  • Volunteers will be sought to serve as Facilitators/Convenors for each group, and these volunteers will be asked to select a

Dr. Rogate Mshana, Convener/ Email:<>