Transformative Theology Program

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Caribbean/North American Life-Enhancing Learning Together (LELT) Workshop

LELT Workshops for regional theological students are a program of Oikotree’s Transformative Education working group.  The Caribbean/U.S./Canada LELT workshop is one of many scheduled in different regions of the Earth.  Our goal is to equip young people with competencies that allow them to critically analyse prevailing paradigms in theology, political economics and ecology that have contributed to the current interconnected crises in the world and to develop creative solutions to such crises.  The LELT workshops stress analytical approaches from an Eco-justice perspective which refers to right relationships, and are committed to re-member the wisdom of indigenous faith traditions throughout the world for the work of dismantling the systems of evil that produce various conditions of injustice.

Click here for Caribbean/North American Life-Enhancing Learning Together (LELT) Workshop.doc