OIKOTREE solidarity message for terrorist bombings in Indonesia

OIKOTREE Movement, a Global Movement of local movements striving for justice, is shocked and sad with the multiple suicide bombings happened in Indonesia since 13 May 2018 when the churchgoers in 3 churches in Surabaya, East Java would start their fellowships in the morning.

It was followed by another suicide bombing in apartment in Sidoarjo, attacked of police buildings in Surabaya the next day and attacked to the police in Riau in their compound on May 15, 2018.  We heard that at least 28 people died including the terrorist and 60 people injured including police officers.

The deep concern of these acts is the involvement of the families especially women and children in this tragic act of violence. Three families are the perpetrators of the events in Surabaya and Sidoarjo while one family who are in fugitive is the mastermind of the church bombs. We are sad with the lost of lives of civilians and polices. The terrorist act is against any human value including the values of any religion and beliefs.

The OIKOTREE Movement strongly urges Indonesia government to take firm actions against any terror of fundamental movement to take lives of other human beings. The justice and law enforcement should uphold. The religious community, civil society, private company and other sector in the society should work together to support the government to combat terrorism, hate speech and intolerance in Indonesia to keep and maintain unity in diversity.

OIKOTREE Movement was established by three global church organizations which are World Council of Churches (WCC), WCRC (World Communion of Reformed Churches) and CWM (Council for World Mission) and having been working with its member movements around the world for justice.

Dr. Park Seong Won

Moderator Oikotree Global Forum

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