Celebration of Resurrection Turned to Mourn

While the power of Christ over death was celebrated on the 21stApril 2019 the destruction of Peace appears to reign. The ‘Easter’ has become a ‘Good Friday’ experience where the lives laying lifelesswhile the Christians were worshipping, affirming, proclaiming and witnessing the resurrection of the ‘Prince of Peace’ in the Easter Festive Worship. 

From media sources, 290+ killed and 500+ injured by eight suicide bomb attacks including three in the churches and in hotels at different locations in Sri Lanka. Hundreds of the injured are hospitalized and battle for life. 

The whole world was rocked by this shocking news of inhuman and unprecedented act of violence in Sri Lanka.

The perpetrators executed these attacks to ruin peace in the island especially over the innocent Christian worshippers in their churches. Such inhuman attacks cannot be tolerated. 

The strategy seems to create permanent insecurity, panic and fear among the minority worshipping communities in the holy sites. Even the recent attack on a mosque worship in New Zealand and other countries are targeting places of worship and holy shrines of the minority faith communities. Such are threats to communal harmony and peace at large.  It’s a time for all peace lovers to come together to combat and resist such violent acts and attacks. 

The Oikotree is deeply saddened and shocked to hear heinous acts over innocent humans and peaceful communities. Such attacks damage peace among people and the communities and become an irreparable scar in the history of peace. The Oikotree strongly condemns and never tolerates such inhuman and atrocious attacks and such acts of hate-killings. 

We too mourn with the people of Sri Lanka and those who lost their loved ones and those injured and hospitalized. 

May God grant the affected families a great solace as they pass through this sorrowful time in their life journey.

The Oikotree a global platform stands by the Governments’ peace interrogation, investigations and initiations and offers its prayers and register its solidarity through the resurrected Christ to heal the hearts of the people and strengthen them with Love, Peace and Justice. 

On behalf of the Oikotree 

Prof. Dr. (Revd.) Seong Won Park


and Oikotree Members. 

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