Indonesian Earthquakes: Oikotree Expresses Concern

The Oikotree Movements is expressing its concern over the recent three consecutive earthquakes that ruin and killed the lives of several hundreds.

It has been a shock indeed not only for the Indonesians but also for the global communities. Because of human greed and anti-green attitude cause such natural catastrophes that make the poor and innocents as victims.

As on the media report the residents of Mataram and north Lombok, the areas hardest hit this past week, panicked after Thursday’s strong tremor, pouring out of their homes and evacuations posts and displaced 154.000 people. Many still stay in roadsides and open grounds. The full extent of the accumulative damage caused by these quakes are not immediately known.

Data from the national army has indicated that as many as around 381 have died. Indonesia’s disaster and rescue agencies, as well as local officials and the military, which have been coordinating on relief efforts, were still trying to work out the exact death toll caused by Sunday’s powerful earthquake. Rescuers were continuing to retrieve bodies and attempting to get basic supplies such as food and water to the worst-hit areas.

Prof. Dr. Seong Won Park the Moderator of the Oikotree movement solicits the Governments and Resource Sharing Partners to express its solidarity by being with the Indonesians and accompanying them in this difficult situations by providing both financial and technical support to the quack victims.

Dr. William Stanley, the Convenor of the Joint Struggle Working Group of the Oikotree demands the metrological departments to proactively work and caution the Governments and the People well in advance to protect the lives. Also, he solicits the health-care and humanitarian organizations to land there to extend their services to bring normalcy at the earliest.

Ms. Carla Natan the Oikotree Facilitating Group member from Indonesia solicits the global faith communities to pray ceaselessly for Indonesia since its lands and people are prone to natural catastrophes like, hurricane, earth quack, volcanic explosions, flood and several such…

God of Life…
Who has control over nature…
Utter a Word to stop such catastrophes around the globe
as you did through your Son Jesus calms the storm (Mark 4: 35 – 41). Amen…

With Prayers and in Solidarity,
Global Oikotree Movement.

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