OIKOTREE calls to be positive in the Peace Pilgrimage

OIKOTREE calls to be positive in the Peace Pilgrimage

The Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea and the United States of America had a initial peace summit in Singapore on the 12th June 2018. According to the President of the United States the summit was found ‘good’ and turned to be ‘positive’ to continue the peace conversations further.  According to the North Korean media statement said on Monday “the pair have discussed a “permanent and durable peace-keeping mechanism” on the Korean peninsula, denuclearisation of the peninsula and other issues of mutual concern.  The OIKOTREE appreciates both the nations and their leadership for thinking of peace!

The Singapore Summit came true and real after a long confrontations, negotiations, conversations and apprehensions. The OIKOTREE appreciates the leaderships of both nations for their though for peace and commitment for peace! Now in the new era, the world witnesses the opposites are coming together as Isaiah visioned (Chapter 11: 1 -10) and declared that, both are committed to peace on earth.

Prof. Rev. Dr. Park, Seong Won, Moderator of the OIKOTREE welcomed the move and described as ‘not only historical and important, but also ‘timely’ and ‘absolutely necessary’ since the whole world is longing for peace now. Further Dr. Park said, though both got into journey together, it is a long journey  for peace in the Korean Peninsula and also in the world.

The OIKOTREE is overwhelmed by listening to the Chairperson  of North Korea reminding their commitment towards denuclearization in the region.

Though the joint statement is signed by both the leaders, OIKOTREE  appeals them to have a honest and transparent translations of those difficult tasks of peace making.

The Oikotree sincerely wishes and prays that, God of Peace will accompany both nations and their leaders and guide them with needed wisdom and knowledge towards establishing peace on earth.

Park added that, the OIKOTREE will support the Churches in Korean Peninsula and in the US to build trust and confidence between people to overcome the decades long hate and tensions.

The Oikotree calls upon the leaders and the people of both regions, particularly including South Korea as well to remain positive towards the journey of conversations to establish permanent peace-keeping.

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