Oikotree’s Global Booth at the 11th WCC Assembly

OIKOTREE was more visible by holding a booth at the Booth area. Two stalls were booked todisplay OIKOTREE program materials, publications, posters, Brochure and a space for people to have short meetings. Though we could not record all the participants who have visited the boothand as per the records maintained more than 300 people visited from over 23 countries.

The display materials captured the evolution of OIKOTREE as Global movement, global presence of OIKOTREE, OIKOTREE program photos. We also shared a souvenir of a coffee sachet from South Korea. Interested people left their visiting cards, signed in the Booth visitors form. 

The Booth was managed by the OIKOTREE participants on a rotation basis. For OIKOTREE the booth exposure was important so that many people who had visited could know about OIKOTREE programs.

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