Oikotree joins the Global Ecumenical Movements in celebrating the Life and Witness of Canon. Dr. Agnes Abuom Former Moderator of the World Council of Churches

Dear bereaved family, relatives, colleagues, and friends,

With a heavy heart, we are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Dr. Agnes Abuom, former President and Moderator of WCC. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time of mourning.

Dr. Agnes’s contributions to the world and her leadership in the WCC have been remarkable and inspiring. As the first African and as a Woman during her tenure both as a President and Moderator she transformed the perspective and ecosystem of dominant patriarchy to a more inclusive gender equity and gender justice in the ecumenical fraternity. We are proud of her powerful, strong and gentleness and she played a pivotal role in deconstructing the unjust cultural practices that enabled women’s participation not only in Africa but globally.

Her theological bold vision, dedication, and commitment towards achieving justice, peace and unity globally will never be forgotten.

May the love and memories with Dr. Agnes, provide all of us comfort in this time of grief. Please know that we are here for you all and offer our deepest condolences. As a tribute let us all honour her memory by continuing her legacy and the work she devoted her life to.

In solidarity

Rev. Dr. Seong-Won Park                                                        Dr. William Stanley

Moderator                                                                               General Secretary

Email: parkswon@gmail.com                                                    Email: stanley111@gmail.com

On behalf of OIKOTREE Global Movement

Prof. Dr. Sue Davies, USA, Dr. Rogate Mshana, Tanzania, Rev. Christopher, USA, Ms. Carla Natan, Indonesia, Rev.Suzanne, Zambia, Dr. Onesmo Matei, Tanzania, Rev Dr. Hwang In-sung, South Korea, Mr. Collins Shava, Zimbabwe, friends, people’s and civil society movements.www.oikotree.net

Prof. Dr. Rogate Mshana, Convener Oikotree Research and Analysis, represented the Oikotree in the funeral in person and shared this message with the family, friends and the global ecumenical organizations gathered at the funeral service at All saints Cathedral, Nairobi on June 13, 2023.

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