“End War – Establish Peace: OIKOTREE Calls Upon the World to Take Action!”

As global observers witness the protracted violence and suffering endured by the populations of Palestine and Israel in the ongoing conflict, it is imperative that we address the pressing need for justice and peace in the region. The situation demands a thorough and equitable resolution that upholds the rights, aspirations, and security of both the Palestinian and Israeli communities.

Foremost, OIKOTREE underscores the supreme importance of recognizing the intrinsic value and dignity of every individual embroiled in this conflict. All parties must adhere to and safeguard the lives, rights, dignity, and liberties of individuals in accordance with international human rights law.

OIKOTREE unequivocally condemns all manifestations of violence, including acts of terrorism targeting innocent civilians, as well as the disproportionate use of weapon force. The senseless loss of life and suffering borne by both Palestinian and Israeli civilians must cease immediately, as it perpetuates an unending cycle of violence.

OIKOTREE urges both Palestine and Israel to engage in substantive dialogue and negotiations to forge an equitable, inclusive, and enduring resolution. The journey towards peace mandates a dedication to dialogue, mutual comprehension, and concession to address the root causes of the conflict. International mediation and assistance should be sought to facilitate these negotiations and ensure impartiality.

OIKOTREE advocates for an end to the unlawful occupation of Palestinian territories and the establishment and expansion of Israeli settlements. The establishment of a viable and independent Palestinian state, alongside a secure Israel, is indispensable for long-term peace and stability in the region. This must be pursued through negotiations rooted in pertinent United Nations resolutions and international law.

Additionally, OIKOTREE implores all parties to prioritize the observance of human rights, encompassing freedom of movement, access to education, healthcare, and employment, for all inhabitants of the region. Humanitarian aid and support should not be obstructed but rather channeled to alleviate the suffering experienced by the affected communities.

In the quest for justice and peace, OIKOTREE calls for international solidarity and assistance. The international community must actively participate in endeavors to reach a resolution that respects the rights of both Palestinians and Israelis. This encompasses endorsing peace-building initiatives, fostering dialogue, and offering humanitarian aid to affected populations.

Ultimately, a just and enduring peace can only be achieved through the commitment of all parties involved. OIKOTREE, as a global community, insists on the cessation of violence and the restoration of justice and peace for all the inhabitants of Palestine and Israel. It is the duty of each of us to support endeavors toward a comprehensive and sustainable solution founded on mutual respect, understanding, and parity.

                                                   In solidarity with the conflict victims,

Prof. Dr. Seong-Won Park
Moderator – OIKOTREE Global
Mobile +82-10-3039-5703
Email: parkswon@gmail.com
Dr. William Stanley
General Secretary – OIKOTREE Global
Mobile: +91-9849120377
Email: stanley111@gmail.com

OIKOTREE Global Facilitation Group: Prof. Rev. Dr Seong-Won Park, Convenor of Transformative Education Working Group, South Korea, Prof. Rev. Dr Susan Davies, Convenor of Transformative Theology Working Group, USA, Ms. Carla Natan, Convenor of Youth Empowerment Working Group, Indonesia, Mr. Willy D’Costa, Convenor of Joint Struggle Working Group, India, Dr. Rogate Mshana, Convenor of Research and Analysis Working Group, Tanzania, Rev. Christopher Rajkumar, Convenor, Networking and Communications Working Group, India/USA, Dr Rogate Mshana and Dr William Stanley, Resource Mobilization Working Group, Tanzania Rev. Hwang-In-Sung, OFG, South Korea , Dr. Onesmo Matei, OFG, Tanzania , Rev. Suzanne Matale, OFG, Zambia, Mr. Collins, OFG, Zimbabwe.

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